My story

I do not naturally move well, in fact my natural posture and movement began causing me pain and issues from a young age.

When I was first introduced to yoga at 18 it helped enormously, but over the years without proper anatomical understanding I fell into bad yoga habits causing different pain.  This eventually led me to study anatomy of movement with Gary Carter and Intelligent yoga with Pete Blackaby after my initial two yoga qualifications with BYS and Sivananda Yoga in 2006.

Once I started enquiring into the body’s bio-mechanics and neurological functions, I became committed to a continual learning, which in turn became a passion. 15 years on, after teaching up to 20 classes and clients almost every week and running yoga holidays twice yearly I find that I still am learning every day.

The most fundamental points I have come to realise is that the body needs a balanced movement practice with a conscious  gentle breath awareness that creates a habit of embodiment, this in turn creates a sense of enormous wellbeing.

I have seen miraculous changes in my clients as they get out of their chronic pain or clear up their unexplained skin issues/eczema or start to sleep.

This practice is for everyone, one that I hope to teach well enough to empower each student to become their own motivated teacher.  I am for each individual to feel they understand alignment, breath and the power of relaxation and meditation, tools they can fall back on whenever they need.

My certification history is below and is continuous.


  • Postural Restoration Institute – Pelvis Restoration
  • Postural Restoration Institute – Postural Restoration
  • Gary Ward’s Anatomy in Motion ‘Foot & Gait’ training (2 x weekly immersion + 200 hrs online + ongoing)
  • Closed Chain Biomechanics of Lower Leg AIM Certificate
  • Foot Function Instructor
  • Gait Guru Certification from Gait Happens
  • Natural Bodies Yoga Anatomy course with Gary Carter 2007 (200 hrs + ongoing)
  • Foundation & Level 1 Somatic Movement Training
  • Facial and Common Injuries Dissection certificate x 2


  • Functional breathing Instructor FMS
  • Conscious Breathing Instructor
  • Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instructor


  • British School of Yoga Hatha Teacher Training Diploma (100hrs)
  • Intelligent Yoga monthly workshops with Pete Blackaby (approx 100 hours)
  • Certified Yoga Teacher by the International Sivananda Organisation (Trained in India) (200hrs)
  • The Minded Institute professional training for managing anxiety within yoga
  • Subtle Yoga training course at The Yoga Junction
  • Birthlight Perinatal Training (Pregnancy Yoga) & Michele Odent’s Doula Training

Other relevant training

  • Science of Happiness Course
  • Acupressure massage level 1
  • Landmark Education training
  • Ongoing personal study of herbal medicine, eastern philosophy, natural heath.
  • I am also heavily influenced by Scaravelli, Katy Bowman, Thomas Hanna’s Somatics and Movenat.

Having had 2 girls I also have a keen understanding of pregnancy and post natal yoga and really enjoy helping women at this time in their lives.

Mindful movement has helped me so much in my life I love to pass on what I have studied over the last 20 years.

Yoga on the beach

Contact Verity

To make an enquiry or request an appointment you can complete my online contact form, email me at or call me on 07984 763 250. My contact page also includes some links to further useful information on yoga and similar practices… Get in touch >

Yoga headstand

Headstand took me years to enjoy!  Even on these pebbles in Egypt 🙂