Walking Wisdom

The way we walk has HUGE implications on every part of our body and breath, yet it is mostly ignored.

The alignment of your right foot… your old knee injury… that ankle sprain 20 years ago…. your episiotomy, ALL these effect every step you take and most people take at least 4000 steps a day.

I see people who despite regular yoga or physio are not getting rid of their niggles or pain because they are walking out of yoga and physio back in their patterns and they stay there for the rest of the week.

I offer an assessment 90 minutes at £120.
6 week Walking Wisdom Program £600.  This involves detailed assessment, 1 weekly session and communication during the week as it’s a journey of self discovery.  It will be fascinating.


I currently offer private and group classes online and in person in West London.

I often get asked which style of yoga I teach, and the answer it – it depends.  On the need of the individual.
However it is a generally slow, mindful, breath focussed, functional movement inspired, embodied whole body approach.  I specialise in injures, un-functional movement, anxiety, grief, pain.  I no longer teach ‘fitness/power’ fast yoga.

Classes I offer are:

Yoga  – I specialise in remedial yoga for those in pain, with old injuries or lack of flexibility/movement.
I teach pregnancy and post natal yoga. Having two young children myself I understand a mothers physical journey well.  I also teach hatha flow and Scaravelli inspired.

Yoga for chronic fatigue, depression and anxietyhaving experienced these in myself, yoga can really help.
I have many years experience teaching remedial yoga for post chemo clients and I have experience teaching clients with MS, chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, depression and anxiety.

Online yoga classesfor those who cannot get out, or are on a tight schedule these work REALLY well.  Many people are reluctant but once they try they realise that sometimes they are deeper classes as having to clearly listen to the cues and take responsibly for feeling their own somatic experience can be transformative.  I currently use Zoom.  It’s free to sign up, you just need a computer and a space for yoga, you don’t even need a mat – a rug and cushions suffice.  It is possible on phones also but not as easy.

My charge is £75 for an hour’s class, £60 for online but price can vary depending on income, location and frequency.

I teach many corporate wellbeing weeks and also regular corporate classes. These clients include Net-A-Porter, Spada PR, Framestore, K&C SS, Shell, Gainsbury & Whiting, Christian Aid, Grey Marketing, Upstream and Bloomberg.  I also ran a company called Kickstep Wellbeing, which offered yoga, dance and wellbeing practices into schools around London.



Below is a video of one of my retreats in Morocco that was made by one of the participants – thanks to the multi-talented Laura Holmes!

Meditation circle

Contact Verity

To make an enquiry or request an appointment you can complete my online contact form, email me at verity@kickstep.org or call me on 07984 763 250. My contact page also includes some links to further useful information on yoga and similar practices… Get in touch >

Yoga retreat sunset

Sunset yoga in Morocco Yoga Retreat

Yoga terrace with mats

Yoga Retreat in Turkey 2011